Scale Your Business With Pay-Per-Lead

Laser Targeted Prospects

While Only Paying For Performance

Done-For-You Marketing Solutions

Performance-based Lead Generation

Qualified Leads or you do not pay. See if you qualify for our pay-for-performance programs.

Automated Lead Tracking & Email/SMS Follow up

Maximize ROI on Marketing campaigns with our customized CRM solutions. Clone your voice into a chatbot to communicate with Qualified Leads

End-to-end Marketing and Sales System

Level up your organization with an all-in solution that will generate, nurture, and close leads for your organization.

Take Your company To The Next Level with Omni-Channel Qualified Leads generated via:

  • Facebook/Instagram

  • TikTok

  • Google

  • YouTube

  • LinkedIn

  • TV

  • Direct Mail

  • Affiliate Programs

  • Email

  • Partners

B.L. TRT Clinic -

Operate in 9 States -

Telehealth Only

Clinic Owner

"I've worked with Profitibull for almost a year and I couldn't be more impressed with the service and dedication they offer. Everyone claims they can help you find more patients... They are the only one we've worked with who helped us also improve our patient experience!"

T.M.H. TRT Clinic -

Operate in 1 State -

In-person & Telehealth

Clinic Owner

"We were skeptical at first, their approach was different from what we have tried in the past. On day one we saw $8 dollar leads. After two weeks our CPAP was under $200. We are blown away with the quality of lead and access to data they provide. We wish they would offer an exclusive contract to work with us in our market!

Frequently Asked Questions

How Long Does It Take To Get Started With A Custom Program?

Our standard timeline is 5-6 weeks depending on ad creative, number of campaigns, and approval turnaround.

We can also expedite programs to get started in as little as 3 weeks!

How are you different from other brand & digital marketing agencies?

To put it simply, we care about what we do and how it impacts the clients we serve. We focus on delivering the best possible lead, appointment and/or new customer to you. Then, we work with you increase the frequency of those conversions before we discuss increasing your investment. We're not just an agency, we're advocates.