Scale Your Business By Paying Only Per Appointment

No retainers. Just Pay Per Appointment. Qualified offers only.

Our Clients Prefer Just Paying Per Appointment

"Took us to $80k a Month"

"They took us from $20k a month to $80k a month in the first 60 days. They're crazy loyal to my brand and I consider them my partner."

Nick Koumalatsos
Public Figure & Author

"WE hit 1M in the first 10 days"

"Last month, we generated $1M in the first 10 days of the month! This is what they do. It's crazy how well it's working."

Kalyn Cooley
Core Medical Grp

"We Got Bought BY Weight Watchers"

"We actually got bought by Weight Watchers after we started using Profitibull's appointment setting system. They were great to work with."

Dr Spencer
Celebrity Nutrition Coach

*Our proprietary system only works with companies with high ticket offers needing to fill their sales people's calendars.

How It Works


We create a kick-ass funnel that is a carbon copy of our most successful partners generating $2m+ a month. We do this for free.

We launch our campaigns featuring YOUR brand and we bring you the highest quality set appointments in the industry.


We only charge per appointment set. The quality of these appointments are our #1 priority. They'll turn into money.

"Clients don't like the weight of having to pay enormous amounts of money up front and then every month after. What companies really want is to pay for the very result their business most needs at a price they know their business can afford. At Profitibull, that's what we exclusively do."

Duffy Young

Ceo of Profitibull

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